Everyone has to start somewhere. Susan's journey as a Health Coach started with her friends and family. Under Susan's guidance, her loved ones were able to make personal health improvements.

Since then, Susan's client base has grown outside of her immediate circles and the successes keep rolling in. Here's what some of her clients say about their experience:

"First of all, I was looking forward to losing 10 pounds with Susan's program...and that's what I did! I also wanted to shift from getting 6 hours of sleep a night to 8 and I did that too. I've also increased my water intake from 20 ounces a day to 80 and strangely enough I don't shock or get shocked by people anymore.

With the weight loss I've noticed that I can get up and move much better now. My energy is better and, for the most part, I don't need to rely on caffeine anymore (I do still use it when I'm going to make a long drive). I did not think I would ever function without caffeine and I can.

I appreciate Susan's personalized approach. She helped me to rank my own needs and priorities higher because I realized I can't be of service to others when I'm flat on my back. Also, I was addicted to sugar and I don't want nor do I feel the need to go there anymore. I'd eat up to three Double Stuffed Oreos a night and now I don't even think about them. I've also noticed that my taste has turned and I want to eat food that makes me feel good and energized. I also notice that I have good energy and I'm not bloated or constipated anymore. As a matter of fact, I don’t have much gas anymore either and that’s huge because after my acid reflux surgery several years ago, gas has been an ongoing issue. And, another biggie is that I have no hot flashes anymore!

I'm excited to see how much more weight and how much better I can feel going forward by following what I've learned from Susan and her program!"

Melissa Nichols, Goose Creek, WV

"When I started working with Susan, I wanted to have a straight and narrow path to good food eating and I wanted to lose weight. Once we got into the program, I was pleasantly surprised at how full and satisfied I was without having to limit my food. I was just eating the right foods for me. I like how I have a much better awareness about what foods work best for me and I now view food as more of a fuel instead of a whim and I really see that food makes a huge difference. My body has reawakened to good food and I've lost weight!

Some of the other benefits I've noticed: I'm not having to take black cohosh anymore because my hot flashes are gone and I'm not experiencing night sweats either. I'm sleeping very well and my "crazy" dreams are way down. My skin and hair have balanced out and I no longer have greasy hair or face nor do I have dry legs. I don't experience the brain fog where I can't find my words. My stress level is down and I feel much less irritated.

I'm way impressed! I don't crave the sugary stuff that I just thought I had to have anymore and I didn't think that would be possible. I will admit that I had some reservations going into this program and now I'd challenge anyone to show that it doesn't work!"

Susan Hudson, Point Pleasant, WV

"Working with Susan was one of the best choices I made in 2017. My only regret is that I didn't take better notes! I felt at the end of each of our sessions that I was getting closer and closer to my goals. Susan's unique ability to meet me where I am at while also holding the vision of where I want to be AND providing effective strategies to help me get there was astounding and life changing. With her coaching, walls crumbled, big obstacles became gifts, and all of my very loud doubts turned into teeny tiny whispers. She also used an amazing tool called an Enneagram to help shine light on my strengths and the areas that would have the most impact when I improved them. I am so grateful to her for including the Enneagram in our sessions because I gained so many valuable insights and would not have considered using it otherwise. I love and appreciate Susan for her ability to take valuable pieces of wisdom from many different teachers and modalities and combine them in a way that felt like it was the perfect mix just for me! I look forward to working with her again soon!!"

Kelsey Belta

"I just completed my 90-day transformational coaching program with Susan, and all I can say is AMAZING! She is the best combination of support and stretch, letting me know when I am getting in my own way. I feel like this has been one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life! I have created new healthier habits, and it feels sustainable. It was so wonderful working with Susan, I give her my highest recommendation possible!"

Erin Valentine

"Susan is AMAZING! She took the time to understand my needs, wants & goals. She held me accountable. Through working with her, what was once the ceiling, has now become my floor. I will continue to grow and learn and love where she has taken me!"

Anise Monroe

"Today feels like I just graduated from a marvelous experience and life-changing experience. Yes, this has been a huge transformation for sure!

This was my second time to work with you, the other being more informal, but both have opened my eyes and life habits to brand new beginnings. In July of 2013 you helped us figure out the best eating style for us. We still adhere to it today with great results.

The strategy session that we did in March was probably the most important thing that I have done in a very long time. I knew before we were finished that I wanted to sign up for the 90-Day Total Transformation program. I looked forward each week to what else I would learn about myself and how I could accomplish the goals that you got me to set for Janet. Your information, questioning techniques and total nonjudgmental approach helped me open up and discover just what I wanted to accomplish for myself. I found myself wanting to be what I had forgotten how to be and enjoying the daily changes. Healthy habits became just that and happily so.

I would recommend this program to anyone who is willing to open up to your beautiful coaching and who is willing to be honest about their own needs, concerns or who might be needing a new and delightful direction in their lives. You are inspirational and extremely knowledgeable on how to help make someone better and certainly healthier. Thank you so very much."

Janet N., Denver, CO

"When I started with Susan, my goals were to rekindle my motivation to take better care of myself, lose weight, detox my body and exercise more regularly. I wanted to make healthy choices on a consistent basis. I also wanted to experience more energy and mental clarity more often. I want to be around for my family for a long time and to enjoy life more fully. Susan worked with me to get these results through addressing the core issues of the problems. I definitely dug deeper than anything I have ever done and I found my answers.

The biggest tangible change I’ve noticed since beginning her program is that I’m much more aware of my negative habits and then being able to shift out of those into the habits that support me and my life and my goals. I’ve also been able to shift from trying to use willpower all the time to just doing these positive habits automatically – not having to push all the time. These are systemic, long lasting shifts that I see sticking for me – this is not a fad or New Year’s resolution type of thing.

I find Susan to be trustworthy, able, nonjudgmental and you can tell she deeply cares about you. I would definitely recommend Susan, her coaching and her programs to anyone who wants to make their life better in every aspect. I’m very happy with my choice to go through her Total Transformation Program and would recommend it for anyone wanting to shift to his or her next level."

Dr. Jon Wall, Denver, CO

"I embarked on my wellness quest with Susan after being encouraged by my son to check out her wellness coaching site and to contact her. I had, over many years, accumulated ounces that had settled into pounds of unwanted weight. I had also suffered many losses, some natural and somewhat expected as a part of life, others tragic and profoundly disturbing. I felt physically and emotionally stuck in a place I didn’t want to be and uncertain how to navigate my way out.

When I first called Susan, I had already checked her credentials, her back story and her methods. I was comfortable with who she was, but still unsure about taking the journey. After close to an hour of talking, I felt drawn in by her approach to wellness and her vibe. What followed over the next twelve weeks was an awesome experience that was balanced, holistic and intuitive. Susan truly heard my unique needs and then, piece by piece, curated information, strategies and links to resources that addressed those needs. She held me accountable as we talked weekly, but did so in a way that was positive and supportive. This approach made the experience very powerful for me and I genuinely anticipated each week’s conversation.

Skinny Jeans Transformation was a very personalized and effective investment in me. I strongly recommend Susan as a health and life coach to anyone really looking for a life changing journey towards better health, wellness and joy. I lost 15 pounds, improved my awareness, and gained new perspectives and tools for continued use. Most important, I felt like I had begun to discover my personal path to happiness and fulfillment."

Kristi Venderlic, Arvilla, WV

"Susan of Skinny Jeans Health Coaching helped to get me back on track with my health goals after some major life disruptions. Before opening my own business, I ran marathons, did CrossFit several times a week, and was very healthy overall. But after a few years of forgetting to take care of myself, I lost my health and fitness way.

Susan worked with me to get to the heart of what I needed to make happen. Even though I knew what to do and had done it before, it took breaking down the steps to the most minute detail - sometimes just as simple as setting an alarm to remind me to stop working and go to bed - that paved my way back to health.

No matter who you are or what you've done, we all need professional encouragement sometimes to get back to our best. Susan makes you step back to view the larger picture while zooming in to the heart of the matter to get you where you want to be."

Nicole Sullivan, Denver, CO

"Thanks so much, Susan, for the enlightenment and the big nudge to help me continue in a healthy lifestyle. I’ve lost 23 pounds and expect to keep that off and lose even more by continuing to do what you taught me.

I found Susan to be very knowledgeable and willing to research weird questions that I brought up, she always was prompt with phone calls and followed through when she promised to email me some information, welcoming, friendly (we laughed a lot!), flexible and very compassionate, especially when I thought my indoor cat had gotten out and I was very upset. She gave me very useful information specific to my situation, such as several techniques for relieving stress, which is usually the cause of my “mindless” eating. She also taught me that using food to fill voids such as boredom, frustration, anxiety and stress may work for a short time, but then it leaves me wanting. I am now stepping back and learning to listen to what my body really needs. She gave me lots of other information that really educated me about acknowledging the little things I’ve done well, saying “no” when I really don’t want to do something, and trying to do more “fun” activities and even something “adventurous” out of my comfort zone, which I very seldom do.

I was able to shift into new, continuing habits including keeping a daily food journal. I have also started cooking 2-3 healthy dinners every week, with enough portions to have healthy leftovers for 2-3 more days. Since I don’t really like to cook, this is a really good change. I now expect to continue to stay in the 80% healthy eating range.

Susan was always eager to help me develop a healthier lifestyle. I would recommend her to anyone who really wants to make positive changes in their life."

Ann H., Thornton, CO

"In working with Susan, what I’ve noticed in just four sessions is that I never really thought about the “why” of all this stuff. I knew some of the “how to” and she’s taught more of that for sure, but she has really helped me understand the “why” of it. I also got in touch with my own particular "whys." These understandings and insights I've gained in this program help me to be faithful to myself in my pursuit of healthy eating and living so I can experience more of my self empowerment, clarity and lightness going forward."

Mary Wuest, Denver, CO

"Before I started my sessions with Susan, I thought they were going to be all about food. Boy, was I wrong. They were about so much more.

Talking with Susan on a weekly basis was something I really looked forward to. She gave me so much information about nutrition and digestion and organic foods and how our attitude and our view of ourselves can impact what we put in our mouths and how our bodies process what we eat. Her constant encouragement and support were big factors in keeping me going forward not just to improve my eating habits but to enhance my life.

My big takeaways from the time we spent together were that: 1) learning to eat healthy and be healthy is an ongoing, long-term, lifelong process, 2) attitude is vitally important when it comes to making healthy fitness and nutritional choices, and 3) how we eat is as essential as what we eat.

Susan’s passion for helping people eat healthier and feel better is evident and what makes her so successful at what she does. I know she has made me take a whole new look at not just the way I eat but how I look at myself."

Sharon E., Lakewood, CO

"After a few sessions with Susan, I have noticed my clothes are looser, I'm experiencing less aches and pains, my energy is up and I'm slowing down and enjoying eating more."

Alice Sampson, Denver, CO

"Fourteen months ago I knew that I needed to make some drastic changes in my lifestyle, especially eating more healthfully. Upon starting to work with Susan, I guess I was most interested in dropping my weight as it was seriously impacting my arthritic knees. Through her guidance and my sticking to it, I realized how lethargic I had become and I also happily started to feel much more energetic. That became more important than shedding the pounds, but I can happily report that I have maintained a 20-23 pound weight loss. My knees are much happier now, too! Oh, this time I got rid of all my old "fat" clothes and have been able to enjoy shopping for new and smaller sizes. I had tried many other ways, succeeding to lose weight, but ultimately regaining all and even more pounds after the honeymoon period. My husband and I both eat better today, have changed our old unhealthy eating styles and have healthy reports from our docs when we get check-ups.

Susan has been a fantastic coach for both of us. Honest, forthright and extremely helpful so that we can continue to enjoy our retirement, children and grandchildren to the fullest. I would certainly recommend her to anyone who truly wants to be the best that they can be, in fact I already have. She is extremely knowledgeable and able to answer our questions as they arise."

Janet N., Phoenix, AZ

"My three top goals upon starting Susan's program were to lose weight, eat better, and learn more about healthy eating for my body. She showed me the impacts of certain foods on my weight and introduced me to the benefits of healthy alternatives. I now have better awareness of how different foods impact my body such as headaches, heartburn, and bloating. I always believed I had an "iron gut" and it was surprising to learn that's not true.

The most significant change I have noticed in working with Susan has been losing 15 pounds without a "diet" or counting points or calories. Susan is very empathetic and knowledgeable and I would recommend her to anyone looking to make long term and sustainable changes to their approach to food and eating. I found Susan to be passionate about food and its impact on health. She is very open-minded about finding the best solution for each individual."

Diana H., Denver, CO

"When I first started working with Susan, my main goals were to stabilize my blood sugar levels, lose weight, and feel more energetic. Susan was helpful, informative and supportive, providing direction on how to achieve these specific goals as well as providing general, ongoing health coaching.

I have since achieved all three goals. I feel better, I have lost weight, my blood sugar levels are normal and my overall disposition is happier and healthier. I feel significantly more energetic, and my mood and food cravings have become more stable.

Susan Nagl is brilliant! She is knowledgeable – she is a perfectionist. She is supportive, helpful and non-judgmental. She really cares about you and is genuinely interested in helping you feel the best that you can feel. She is always available and generously shares her time and knowledge. She is extremely caring and trustworthy.

I would recommend Susan to anyone who is interested in improving their health and happiness."

Tracey Zilm, Beaumont, Australia

"Just like so many other people, I had a bad body image when I came to Skinny Jeans and met Susan. I was wanting to lose weight and create a better body. What I have learned from Susan is it's not about the image, it's not about what other people see, it's about how I feel about myself. I learned to love myself and I learned what food can do for me to make me healthy. Health is now my number one concern.

Once I was finished with Susan it was no longer about my body image because I knew that would come naturally if I was eating the right foods. Susan gave me a new relationship with food, getting away from all the fad diets and all the false information on nutrition. She gave me a new light, a new way to appreciate myself, and a new way to look at nourishment– not eating to be a super model skinny body (that's not natural) and eating the proper foods which are still delicious, exciting, and fun.

I would recommend Skinny Jeans to anyone and I do– I work with a chiropractor and we have several patients who struggle with the same issues of wanting to lose weight, (not always for the right reasons), and wanting to be healthy. I will continue to refer them to Susan because the help that she offers covers more than food and nutrition. Susan helps with life issues and gets to the core of why we don't feed our bodies with love. Amazingly enough, I found my core issues had to do with being teased as a kid. Who knew that I was carrying the bad self image for all these years?

I love and appreciate Susan and her caring values. My life has changed in such a positive way; my family and I cook at home much more frequently and I'm continually looking for new healthy recipes. The changes are not just for myself but for my husband and my two teenage boys."

Coralyn Wall, Denver, CO

"Susan helped me make small changes that led to habits that became my lifestyle. I no longer have anxiety over preparing healthy food for my family, now it is just how I live my life.

With what I knew about Susan’s work, I expected my sessions to focus mainly on nutrition. I was pleasantly surprised when she took a much more holistic approach to improving my life. I already knew how to eat healthy. The issue was I wasn't always doing it.

Susan led me through a process to identify my goals and what the root causes were that prevented me from reaching them. With her help, I developed realistic goals that I could accomplish. This approach allowed me to be much more invested because I was involved with developing the solutions. It wasn't just someone handing me an answer on a platter and say here, “This is your fix-it-all solution". We know those never seem to work. Defining my issues and developing solutions empowered me to believe it was possible for me to reach the weekly goals that we had set together in order for me to reach my final goal.

At the beginning of my work with Susan, my husband and I probably ate out 3-4 times on average a week. Meal planning, block scheduling, carrying a lunch bag, cooking meat in bulk and accountability with Susan have decreased our meals out to an average of 2 times a month. This is easier not solely on my waistband but also on my wallet and my energy levels. Very important things for a mom on the go!

Susan was unceasingly encouraging and never judgmental. This allowed me to be honest and vulnerable with her when I struggled with my goals.

If you want to make a change in your life- a real, lasting change, I highly recommend you consider the programs Susan has to offer."

Cassidi Shoaf, Marietta, OH

"I have just completed Susan’s 1:1 coaching program: Skinny Jeans Total Transformation. Upon starting the program, my goals were to break the emotional connection I have with food, to treat food more of as a means for survival not for pleasure, and build confidence with myself about my body.

Susan and the program helped me focus on my mindset towards food as well as my outlook at life. Changing my mindset allowed me to stop beating myself up for my current and previous state.

I’ve noticed I’ve gone down quite a few belt notches and have noticed my pants getting too big. I’ve also noticed my need to stress eat and eat my comfort food has all but vanished. I only eat like that during special occasions.

Overall, my mindset has changed for sure. I’ve done and do a lot of working out, I’ve done plenty of other nutrition plans but all they ever talk about is what you can’t eat. Susan’s program taught me to be okay with not eating all those bad foods and actually want to eat healthier.

Susan is a great, caring but tough coach when she needs to be. That’s very important because she can be straight forward enough to tell you when you’re not on the right path! I would recommend Susan to anyone looking to make a change in their health!"